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Lyrics - Swingin' In The Key Of L

1. I Made A New Friend
2. Express Yourself
3. Wonders Of The World
4. Hey Tom, Take Your Time
5. Secondhand Information
6. With These Hands
7. Everyone Can Be A Winner
8. Simple Pleasures
9. A World United
10. Just A Matter Of Time
11. My Very Own Frame
12. Tear Down The Walls


by Jan Nigro © 1991 Janimation Music BMI

This is a story of a guy named Tom,
Always in a hurry, he was never calm.
He moved to fast even for the fast lane,
He moved through life like a runaway train.

It all began when he was a boy,
His Mama said, “If you’re gonna have any joy,
Follow this advice my dear,
Enjoy each moment while it’s here.”

But he said, “Gotta go, gotta gotta get gone,
Gotta a lotta plans so I gotta move on.”
His mind was always a step ahead,
So he never heard when people said:

“Hey Tom, take your time, or your life’s
gonna slip right by!
Hey Tom, slow down,
Take a deep breath, take a look around!
If you keep on rushing on and on,
If you keep on rushing on and on,
If you keep on rushing on and on
Your here and now will be here and gone!”

Well, Tom grew up, but he didn’t slow down...

He’d cook his food in a microwave,
‘Cause instant meals are what he craved.
While it cooked he’d pace the floor,
Saying, “I should've just gobbled it raw!”

Then he’d eat his food in a frazzled mood,
So his food he barely chewed,
He’d swallow hunks and giant chunks,
He was one impatient dude!


His Dad said, “Stop and smell the roses,”
Tom said, “I wish I had a dozen noses,
Then I could smell a whole bush at a time!”
His Dad said, “That’s not what I had in mind, no, no,”
(No No, Oh No!)

When the light said stop instead of walk,
Tom would fuss and Tom would squawk,
He’d say, “What a waste of time , I mean ,
Why can’t that light always be green!”

When Tom would ask someone a question,
And they’d stop and think for a second,
He’d ask it again and he’d say,
“Come on, are you gonna take all day?”


Well the years passed and Tom grew older,
But he kept speeding and speeding through life
Until finally...

When on his deathbed Tom did lay,
And his final words it was time to say,
What he said when he spoke his last,
Was “Boy my life sure went by fast!”
He said “Gotta go, gotta gotta get gone,
Had a lotta plans, now I gotta move on.
My mind was always a step ahead,
I wish I’d listened when people said,”
(the rest of the) CHORUS (Hey Tom, take your time...)