Survey Responses & Letters

Letters and comments from Vitamin L listeners

Letter from Thomas Lickona, Professor of Education

Letter from Mr. Michael Catrillo, School Principal

Letter from Chris Nassif, Music Teacher

Letter from Jane Elbert and Linda Wilcox, Co-Chair of Character Education

Letter from Dr. James R. Orcutt, President - Dental Society of the State of New York

Survey Responses from teachers who used the Vitamin L music:

  • Children sang along and begged for me to play the music.
  • It put a good message into a musical form. The children enjoyed and learned from it because it offered them a chance to learn using a different format.
  • It motivates them to work harder.
  • They were exposed to character building information in an enjoyable, catchy manner.
  • We had classroom discussion on what the words meant and how we should act.
  • It helped to build verbal skills.
  • It's wonderful. We love it!
  • Great motivator.
  • A lot of good messages put to catchy melodies.
  • It was wonderful. My third graders really saw the meaning.
  • The songs are catchy and easy to learn. The words are meaningful to children. With this combination, the message has to get through!
  • I appreciate this music so much.
  • The class learned the words to "Walk a Mile" and did a dance to go with it for our school-wide behavior program.
  • I use it throughout the day during independent activities, read aloud and community circle time.
  • They enjoyed the lyrics. Not one child said it was stupid or corny. They began to sing along. I loved it too.
  • It was a good way to generate conversation with students.
  • The children would talk about the different songs not only with me but with family.
  • By having the music we were able to really get into the songs, the meaning of the songs. They became part of our daily routine. What was really special were comments by parents.
  • We used the lyrics in settling disputes. "Walk a Mile" made them think more about how to treat others - as they would like to be treated themselves.
  • We always discuss the message behind the lyrics. I choreographed some of the songs also. Along with the word of the month I choose a song of the month and teach it to all my classes. They love to sing the songs. They have such good messages in ways the kids can understand. Thank you, thank you.
  • I believe the songs are appealing to kids and subconsciously instill positive values and concepts.
  • I think it causes our students to keep many positive behaviors in the 'front' of their mind - we refer to our character ed. traits often and these songs reinforce what we are teaching. Wonderful music. We love it!
  • They worked on the songs as a team. They felt good about having these songs in common.
  • It helped bring the whole school together.
  • It put a good message into a musical form. The children enjoyed and learned from it because it offered them a chance to learn using a different format.

The surveys that were returned indicated that the music has been used to support curriculum in character education, language arts, social studies, reading, health and physical movement.