Vitamin L Concerts

This 2017 Concert Promo video brings to life what Vitamin L concerts were like.

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Vitamin L Concerts Brought Character Building Songs to Schools, Festivals, Conferences and Camps.

Jan Nigro and the Vitamin L Chorus performed 1,195 concerts of uplifting, character-building, original songs from the five nationally released, award winning VITAMIN L recordings.

This outstanding vocal group from Ithaca, New York gave its first performance in 1989 and performed at schools, festivals, community events, camps and national education conferences. Vitamin L performed for a United Nations World Children's Day event and for national organizations such as Community of Caring, Character Education Partnership, Cooperating School Districts, and Tom Lickona's Center for the Fourth and Fifth R's at the State University of New York at Cortland. The final live Vitamin L concert took place in February 2020, shortly before the Covid pandemic lockdown began and Vitamin L switched to producing music videos.

From 1989 - 2021, hundreds of young people from Ithaca, New York and the surrounding area were singers in the Vitamin L chorus. This provided them with a unique opportunity to spread positive messages to children while at the same time gaining the self-confidence and poise that can come from performing in front of large audiences.

A diverse group of up to 70 Vitamin L chorus members took turns performing year-round with Jan Nigro, Vitamin L's songwriter. Nine youth members joined Jan onstage for each concert, with the exception of some special events that had a larger group. Maintaining a diverse group of young singers was a priority for The Vitamin L Project.

The Vitamin L songs were written especially for elementary age children and they have been used in some middle schools as well. There was audience participation on several songs in each concert.

The purpose of the Vitamin L project was and is to spread love and goodwill through music. We want to uplift and inspire young people and encourage positive character development through our music. Our objective is that the listeners will absorb the ideas we present and integrate them so that these ideas can help them make healthy choices and have healthy relationships with themselves and others.

For school concerts, a song list for the concert was sent in advance and the music teacher was encouraged to teach the choruses of as many of the Vitamin L songs as possible before the concert date. We found that doing this generated excitement and created greater benefit for the audience. Vitamin L concerts were full of HEART, HUMOR and MUSIC THAT ADULTS LOVE TOO!

Here is a brief video from 2011 that includes sharing from some chorus members as well as a bit of concert footage.