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Lyrics - Sing for Dr. King
- Vitamin L Songs for a Beloved Community

1. Walk a Mile
2. Martin's Heart
3. That is a Mighty Power
4. Look a Little Deeper
5. Step Up! Speak Out!​
6. The Way You Say It​
7. Some Rights in This World
8. Martin is Calling​
9. People Are a Rainbow
10. Freedom Riders Got to Ride
11. Talking 'Bout a Put-Down
12. Tear Down the Walls
13. A World United
14. This Little Light of Mine


by Jan Nigro © 1987 Janimation Music BMI

I want to walk a mile in your shoes,
I want to walk a mile in your shoes,
I want to know what you think and what you feel,
So I really want to walk-a mile in your shoes!


Remember that fight that we had?
Why did we both have to lose?
It’s because we both walked away mad,
Instead of walking a mile in each other’s shoes!


You hear how the world is a mess
Whenever you turn on the news,
But all countries could have happiness,
If they’d be walking a mile in each others shoes!


Tempers start to cool down,
A frown turns into a smile.
Anger cannot be found
When you’re wearing their shoes
And you’re walking that mile!

CHORUS (three times)