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Lyrics - Swingin' In The Key Of L

1. I Made A New Friend
2. Express Yourself
3. Wonders Of The World
4. Hey Tom, Take Your Time
5. Secondhand Information
6. With These Hands
7. Everyone Can Be A Winner
8. Simple Pleasures
9. A World United
10. Just A Matter Of Time
11. My Very Own Frame
12. Tear Down The Walls


by Jan Nigro © 1992 Janimation Music BMI

Looking at the screen too long here’s what I find,
I want to leave the whole push button world behind.
Yes I know
I can change my scene without a remote control.

I want to feel the gentle wind upon my face
I want the sun to hold me in its warm embrace.
I feel brand new,
When I climb a hill and look out on the view!

Simple pleasures for you, simple pleasures for me.
These are treasures for free,
the simple pleasures of life.
Simple pleasures I’m glad, simple pleasures I have,
These mean so much to me,
the simple pleasures of life.

I love to take my dog out running in the park.
I love to watch the sun set as it’s getting dark.
And I love when, when I can go and
hang out with a friend.

Sitting down to dinner with my family.
Curling up to read a real good mystery.
All these things,
So simple and yet so much joy they bring!


I really enjoy playing basketball with my friends.
I like to play my guitar and sing.
I love to go swimming on a really hot day.
I have fun baking cookies for my family.
Sometimes I like to just sit and relax.