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Lyrics - Swingin' In The Key Of L

1. I Made A New Friend
2. Express Yourself
3. Wonders Of The World
4. Hey Tom, Take Your Time
5. Secondhand Information
6. With These Hands
7. Everyone Can Be A Winner
8. Simple Pleasures
9. A World United
10. Just A Matter Of Time
11. My Very Own Frame
12. Tear Down The Walls


by Jan Nigro © 1991 Janimation Music BMI

If you’ve got a song, sing every note,
Don’t let someone make you keep it in your throat!
If you’ve got a dance, go on and move,
Don’t let someone tell you you’re not in the groove!
If someone’s got a notion to squash your emotion,
You’ve still gotta let it shine through...
Don’t disappear for someone else,

Express yourself! - your smile, your voice,
Express yourself! - your gifts, your dreams,
Express yourself! - your hurts, your joys,
Don’t disappear for someone else, express yourself!

The thoughts in your head, feel free to share,
Show the world you’ve got some good ideas in there.
If something’s unfair, maybe it’s time,
To do the world a favor and speak your mind!
Someone may be thinking that
they’ll have you shrinking
To less than what you really could be...
Don’t disappear for someone else,


Like breathing the air, it’s your natural right,
To be who you are, to shine your light,
If discouragement comes around, you can rise, rise, rise above it,
No one can keep you down!

If you’ve got a dream you want to make real,
Don’t let someone sway you from the way you feel,
And if you believe, deep in your heart,
No one else’s words will tear your dream apart!
If folks try to break you in hopes they can make you
Quit before you’ve even begun...
Don’t disappear for someone else,

CHORUS twice, then fade