The Purpose of the Vitamin L Project

The purpose of the Vitamin L project is to spread love and goodwill through music... to uplift and inspire young people and encourage positive character development, through music. The objective is that the listeners will absorb the ideas we present and integrate them so that these ideas can help them make healthy choices and have healthy relationships with themselves and others. Our mission is to reach and positively influence as many children as possible.

We accomplish our purpose with original character building songs written by Jan Nigro. The songs reach children via our four award winning recordings and via live concerts in which Jan is joined onstage by youth members of Vitamin L (ages 11 – 21). Around 70 youth member take turns performing in concerts with Jan. Normally nine youth members join Jan onstage for each show.

The concerts are in schools, festivals, teacher's conferences and camps. The CDs are used in schools, camps and homes.

We believe that there is a tremendous, urgent need to encourage the development of positive, universal values in children. We believe that this needs to be approached through many mediums and our medium is music. Unfortunately today, young people are exposed to a lot of meanness and negativity in some of today's popular music.

We choose to use the powerful medium of music to offer positive messages and uplifting ideas to inspire young people to be loving, kind, caring, helpful, respectful, and to make good choices. We believe that this kind of musical influence is very important and needed and in the many years we have been doing this project, we know that the Vitamin L music has been effective in helping support the positive in a world that has so many problems.