Recordings and Song Samples

What are Vitamin L recordings? They are five outstanding, award winning recordings of character-building songs written by Jan Nigro and performed by a group called Vitamin L. Lyrics are included.

This uplifting, enriching music is geared toward elementary and middle schoolers, though people of all ages love the songs. The songs have been used by classroom teachers, music teachers, guidance counselors, conflict resolution programs, and families across the country to support their character education efforts through the powerful medium of music.

Song topics include: empathy, appreciating diversity, gratitude, endurance, optimism, non-violent conflict resolution, teamwork, human rights, resisting peer pressure, decision making, honesty, second hand information, size acceptance, friendship and much more.

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Sing for Dr. King! - Vitamin L Songs for a Beloved Community

Walk a Mile

Everyone's Invited!

Swingin' in the Key of L

Every Moment