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Lyrics - Walk A Mile

1. I Want to Get to Know You
2. Endurance
3. People Are A Rainbow
4. Family Feeling
5. Think For Yourself
6. The Bright Side
7. Walk a Mile
8. Here's To The Hero
9. That's The Truth
10. So Much To Share
11. I Want To Know
12. Joy, Joy, Joy


by Jan Nigro © 1988 Janimation Music BMI

I can’t tell a whole lot about you
Just by the way you look,
Cause I’ve learned you can’t judge a book
by it’s cover.
But I’d like to know more about you,
So I’ll take a closer look.
Gotta find out what you’re all about,
Who knows what I’ll discover!

I want to get to know you,
Tell me what you like to do.
Oh the things I might find if I take the time!
You might become a good friend of mine!

Do you like to ride roller coasters,
What is you favorite game?
Do you have any sisters or brothers?
Can you draw? Do you play the piano?
What is your middle name?
Gotta find out who you really are,
Let’s get to know each other!


I’m gonna have to investigate you,
So I can really appreciate you!
I want to see, if you might be,
The perfect friend for me! Yeah!

CHORUS (3 times then fade)