A Brief History of the Vitamin L Project

The Vitamin L Project is dedicated to encouraging positive character development in young people through uplifting, inspiring music. It all began in 1987 when a teacher friend of Jan Nigro's asked him to write some songs for elementary age children about universal human values (love, truth, peace, right action and non-violence). Jan agreed and wrote seventeen songs as a volunteer project.

There was tremendous positive response to the songs and several people suggested that the songs should be available to the public. So in 1989 Jan and his wife Janice (director of Vitamin L) formed Lovable Creature Music, a small music business that would make professional quality recordings of Jan's character building songs available to the public. They hired a very talented producer, Jeff Waxman, and found the singers – Cass Morgan, Curtis King, Kelli Crofton, Deborah Stoll and Tremaine Jackson, who, along with Jan would record the songs. They named the group Vitamin L.

A cassette titled Walk a Mile was Lovable Creature Music's first release of Vitamin L character-building songs in August 1989. It won the nationally recognized Parent's Choice Gold Award shortly after it's release. Three more Vitamin L recordings of Jan's character building songs followed. The Parent Council chose all four recordings as outstanding and the third and fourth recording received recognition from Parent's Choice as Walk a Mile did. The recordings have all received very positive reviews in numerous national publications such as School Library Journal, Booklist and Time Magazine.

Thousands of children have heard the Vitamin L music at concerts in schools, camps and summer festivals since 1989. Many more have heard the music in schools that use the materials and on children's radio programs and digital cable audio as well. Testimonies from parents and teachers indicate that the Vitamin L music is indeed an enriching influence in the lives of many children.