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Lyrics - Swingin' In The Key Of L

1. I Made A New Friend
2. Express Yourself
3. Wonders Of The World
4. Hey Tom, Take Your Time
5. Secondhand Information
6. With These Hands
7. Everyone Can Be A Winner
8. Simple Pleasures
9. A World United
10. Just A Matter Of Time
11. My Very Own Frame
12. Tear Down The Walls


by Jan Nigro © 1990 Janimation Music BMI

If it’s you against me, it’s easy to see,
That a loser there must always be.
Now we can say there’s a better way,
We work it out together till we feel O.K.

Everyone can be a winner,
everyone can be a winner!
When we solve it, resolve it, and find a solution,
When we end it and mend it, and stop the confusion.
It’s a whole new approach, it’s a revolution,
Everyone can be a winner!

Instead of you against me, why don’t we be
Two people looking for a remedy.
We’ve found the key if you can be
My partner instead of my enemy.

Conflicts arise, that’s no surprise,
That’s just a part of living.
We can see it through together because no more
Do we have to see it as a tug of war!

CHORUS (twice)