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Lyrics - Swingin' In The Key Of L

1. I Made A New Friend
2. Express Yourself
3. Wonders Of The World
4. Hey Tom, Take Your Time
5. Secondhand Information
6. With These Hands
7. Everyone Can Be A Winner
8. Simple Pleasures
9. A World United
10. Just A Matter Of Time
11. My Very Own Frame
12. Tear Down The Walls


by Jan Nigro © 1991 Janimation Music BMI

With these hands, a picture I will paint,
I see it right here in my mind,
It will be one of a kind,
And when I am through, you will see it too.

With these hands, I will plant a tree,
I’ll watch it grow and I’ll protect it,
Give it love and I’ll respect it,
And one day you’ll see, it will give fruit to me.

With these hands I can offer so much,
With these hands, I can create,
And with these hands, I can offer my love,
I can do beautiful things with these hands!

With these hands, I will write a song,
A song of peace for all to hear,
A song that may catch someone’s ear,
And when they hear the song,
They may sing along.

With these hands, I’ll reach out for the world,
I will join with other hands,
Everywhere in all the lands,
Working for the love the world’s been dreaming of!

CHORUS (three times)