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Lyrics - Everyone’s Invited!

1. Everyone's Invited!
2. A Beautiful Way
3. That Is A Mighty Power
4. Look A Little Deeper
5. My Special Friend
6. Talking 'Bout A Put-Down
7. Laughter
8. Welcome
9. Decisions, Decisions
10. Teamwork
11. Jumping To Conclusions
12. See The Beauty
13. I Want To Say Thanks


by Jan Nigro © 1990 Janimation Music BMI

You have got a standing invitation to my world,
Come on in and make yourself at home!
No need to be someone else,
You’ve just got to be yourself,
We’re a pair, and through all we share,
We have grown.

You can tell me anything and by now you know,
That your secret’s always safe with me.
Call me when you’ve got good news,
Call me when you’ve got the blues,
I can hear with an open ear, so feel free.

You are my special friend.
And when I think about what knowing
you has meant,
I thank my lucky star, that you are who you are,
You are my special friend!

I would never mean to hurt you
but sometimes we fight,
And we put our friendship to the test.
Steel is strong but we are stronger,
Years are long but we are longer,
Without hesitatin’ we find a way to
straighten the mess.


And when the times are funny,
we can laugh together.
And when the times are rough,
we can share that too.
Whether the mood is heavy or light as a feather,
Together we keep moving right on through.

One and one may equal two but we add up to more,
You and I together are a world,
A world of trust and understanding,
A world that keeps expanding,
And I hope that this world will grow without end!