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Lyrics - Everyone’s Invited!

1. Everyone's Invited!
2. A Beautiful Way
3. That Is A Mighty Power
4. Look A Little Deeper
5. My Special Friend
6. Talking 'Bout A Put-Down
7. Laughter
8. Welcome
9. Decisions, Decisions
10. Teamwork
11. Jumping To Conclusions
12. See The Beauty
13. I Want To Say Thanks


by Jan Nigro © 1990 Janimation Music BMI

I said Hi as you passed me by
And you didn’t even smile so I’m sure
the reason why,
Is that you must be mad at me!

I saw Bert whispering to Curt
And I bet they where whispering about my shirt,
Hey, tell me what else it could be!

There’s a lot of possibilities
Watch out, or you will be
Jumping, jumping, jumping to conclusions,
Jumping to conclusions yeah!
Believing in illusions, adding more confusion,
That is what you’re doing
When you’re jumping to conclusions.

Lenore said that I can’t draw,
So I’m never ever gonna try to draw anymore.
It must be true, she was so sure!

Lately you and Jeremy
Spend lots of time together, well what about me?
You must not like me anymore!


Well you can make a wild mess,
if you take a wild guess.
You can cause a lot of friction if you believe in fiction.
If you swear by your first impression,
You may take a leap of faith in the wrong direction!

Good grief I will make this brief,
My favorite tape is missing so you must be the thief.
I know you really like that tape!

I walk in and that is when
I see your little sister crying once again.
What kind of trouble did you create?

CHORUS (three times)