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Lyrics - Everyone’s Invited!

1. Everyone's Invited!
2. A Beautiful Way
3. That Is A Mighty Power
4. Look A Little Deeper
5. My Special Friend
6. Talking 'Bout A Put-Down
7. Laughter
8. Welcome
9. Decisions, Decisions
10. Teamwork
11. Jumping To Conclusions
12. See The Beauty
13. I Want To Say Thanks


by Jan Nigro © 1990 Janimation Music BMI

There’s a sound I love to hear, loud and clear
It tickles my ear.
It’s the sound that brings good cheer,

If I’m sad and then I laugh,
It seems to cut my sadness in half,
What a gift, a lift, oh yeah,

The effect can be great, don’t underestimate,
What some laughter can do is pull you
right on through!

Laughter, now and forever after,
Whether it’s just a little hoot or shaking a rafter.
If you ask me what its worth,
I’d say it uplifts this earth,
What a blessing was the birth of laughter!

Open up your eyes real wide,
You’ll see life has it’s funny side,
Don’t let you sense of humor hide,

You may travel all around,
The language changes but not this sound,
In every country, every town,

They giggle in Spain, they roar in Singapore,
They chuckle in Maine, their knees buckle
in Bangalore!


Once I hear it I get in the spirit,
The sound is bound to catch you,
You can be sure I’ll be laughing with you,
I won’t be laughing at you!

It’s good medicine and it’s safe,
It doesn’t need a warning,
It was a wise doctor who said to me,
Take two laughs and call me in the morning!

CHORUS, (then)
All around the world, there’s nothing like a laugh...
They’re known to guffaw, really loud in Saginaw.
A case of the sillies, broke out in the Antilles.
They chortle with the best, up in Budapest.
I heard a genuine tee-hee, off the Isle of Capri.
I laughed when a Zulu, told a joke from Honolulu.
They get the giggles yes they do, down in Timbuktu....