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Lyrics - Everyone’s Invited!

1. Everyone's Invited!
2. A Beautiful Way
3. That Is A Mighty Power
4. Look A Little Deeper
5. My Special Friend
6. Talking 'Bout A Put-Down
7. Laughter
8. Welcome
9. Decisions, Decisions
10. Teamwork
11. Jumping To Conclusions
12. See The Beauty
13. I Want To Say Thanks


by Jan Nigro © 1990 Janimation Music BMI

I walked by the water and I stood on the shore,
I always felt peaceful when I’d done this before,
Any tension I’d feel would disappear
In the water so clear.

But one day the beauty of the water seemed lost,
Cause there was a broken bottle someone had tossed,
It ruined the whole view, made me feel blue,
I felt angry too!

It was quite a task fishing it out of there.
I would like to ask the person who threw it there...

Don’t you see the beauty?
Why won’t you protect it?
Why would you disrespect it?
With all that nature has done for you,
Can’t you do a little, too?

See the green and blue, feel the earth and the air,
What does it mean to you to feel
the wind in your hair?
And if you feel these things that I feel,
Please hear this appeal!

Mother Nature offers all the gifts of the land,
She’s holding out her treasures and
we’re biting her hand,
It’s a disgrace, a slap in her face,
To foul up this place.

What kind of eyes can’t see the splendor of the land?
What kind of eyes see it as a garbage can?

CHORUS (twice then)
Won’t you do a little?
Can’t you do a little, too?