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Lyrics - Everyone’s Invited!

1. Everyone's Invited!
2. A Beautiful Way
3. That Is A Mighty Power
4. Look A Little Deeper
5. My Special Friend
6. Talking 'Bout A Put-Down
7. Laughter
8. Welcome
9. Decisions, Decisions
10. Teamwork
11. Jumping To Conclusions
12. See The Beauty
13. I Want To Say Thanks


by Jan Nigro © 1990 Janimation Music BMI

If it’s true that two heads are better than one,
Maybe then a few heads can really get the job done.
Sometimes it can be a big plus,
When a you or a me becomes an us!

Teamwork, teamwork,
Together we can make our dream work.
Then we’ll share the joy of what we’ve done,
Teamwork, everyone!

It’s fun to shoot the basketball through the hoop,
But if nobody passes then nobody shoots.
And the relay race just can’t go on,
If nobody wants to pass the baton.


The sound of my guitar, it sounds really fine,
But the music sounds better when
you add a bass line.
Add the piano and drums and what’ve you got?
You’ve got a whole band so you’ve got a whole lot!


We’re a combination, a collaboration.
We’re the parts that make up the whole,
And we’ve got our eyes on a common goal.

Running a restaurant or putting on a play,
Getting jets to fly and mail delivered each day,
There’s so many things in life that need
To have some of this if they're gonna succeed...

CHORUS (twice)