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Lyrics - Every Moment

1. Every Moment!
2. It Was A Mistake
3. Some Rights In This World
4. The Beauty Shop
5. Grandpa's Laugh
6. Who Am I?
7. That's How You Play The Game
8. Maybe We Can Do The Same
9. The Way You Say It
10. Rules
11. Goodbye Good Friend
12. Who Inspires You?


by Jan Nigro © 1994 Janimation Music BMI

CHORUS: (twice)
I’ve got some rights, some rights in this world.
You’ve got some rights, some rights in this world.
Just by being born, every boy and girl,
Automatically got some rights in this world.

I must be free to think my thoughts,
And to say what I must say,
To believe in what I believe,
And I don’t believe that anyone should take it all away yeah!


I need to feel safe in the streets,
And at home and school everyday.
I’ve got to love who I naturally love,
And if someone tells me different, this is what I’m gonna say hey!


Now there are places on this earth,
Where people are not treated fair.
No, they don’t have the rights they deserve,
So let’s sing this song for everybody
everywhere, yeah!

CHORUS (three times)