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Lyrics - Every Moment

1. Every Moment!
2. It Was A Mistake
3. Some Rights In This World
4. The Beauty Shop
5. Grandpa's Laugh
6. Who Am I?
7. That's How You Play The Game
8. Maybe We Can Do The Same
9. The Way You Say It
10. Rules
11. Goodbye Good Friend
12. Who Inspires You?


by Jan Nigro © 1994 Janimation Music BMI

My folks won’t let me stay up all night
watching TV,
Why, I can’t see. Makes no sense to me.
Lots of chores I’ve got to do,
No dessert till dinner’s through,
Yeah it seems like everyday
I can hear my parents say

Whoa whoa rules! You know there’s got to be rules.
Rules, you know there’s got to be rules,
Got to be, got to be, got to be.
Let me tell you, young child,
you just cannot run wild.
Don’t you know, don’t you don’t you know
There are rules, got to be rules!

At school my teacher tells me that
I must be on time,
As if it’s a crime to run behind.
“Do your homework!” she demands,
“Want to speak, then raise your hand.”
Yeah it seems like every day
I can hear my teacher say


Rules...can be frustrating!
Rules...can be irritating!
Sometimes I want to say ly-yi-yi!
Sometimes I want to say why why why why why,
Why, why , WHY!!!

I took my little brother out to play basketball,
He never played it at all, he started
kicking the ball.
I got the ball and I got free.
I dribbled it, he tackled me.
Never thought I’d see the day when
I’d be the one to say