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Lyrics - Every Moment

1. Every Moment!
2. It Was A Mistake
3. Some Rights In This World
4. The Beauty Shop
5. Grandpa's Laugh
6. Who Am I?
7. That's How You Play The Game
8. Maybe We Can Do The Same
9. The Way You Say It
10. Rules
11. Goodbye Good Friend
12. Who Inspires You?


by Jan Nigro © 1994 Janimation Music BMI

You’re movin’, you’re movin’ away,
Your family’s headed west, now you’re leavin’.
I’m wishin’, I’m wishin’ you’d stay
‘Cause you’re one of the best friends I have.

Not an easy thing to do,
for me to say goodbye to you.
Maybe we will meet again, so I’ll say until then...

Goodbye, good friend, goodbye good friend.
We have a special bond, but now
you’re movin’ on.
And though you will be gone my friend,
In my heart you will stay long after I will say
Goodbye, good friend.

Remember, remember me well,
Remember all the good times together.
Write letters, write letters to tell me everything
‘Cause I’d like to know.

No I won’t forget your face, there’s some things
time can not erase.
Glad I got to know you well, sad to have
to tell you...


I wish you well, I hope you find
Good friends where you will be,
Friends as good as the friend
That you’ve been to me.