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Lyrics - Every Moment

1. Every Moment!
2. It Was A Mistake
3. Some Rights In This World
4. The Beauty Shop
5. Grandpa's Laugh
6. Who Am I?
7. That's How You Play The Game
8. Maybe We Can Do The Same
9. The Way You Say It
10. Rules
11. Goodbye Good Friend
12. Who Inspires You?


by Jan Nigro © 1994 Janimation Music BMI

My Grandpa was a man born in a foreign land,
He came to America when he was just a boy.
His life was pretty hard, but right from the start,
He was a man who found in life
much humor and much joy.

He’d laugh when things went well,
with happiness he’d swell,
Then he would burst with laughter that
could clear a cloudy sky.
He’d laugh when things were rough
and they were rough enough,
When sorrow filled our eyes with tears
his laugh would wipe them dry.

And I still hear that sound, spreading all around,

Grandpa’s laugh, what a joyful noise,
As if all the joys in the world were in one sound.
Grandpa’s laugh, it was my delight,
Made the world feel right and
to this day I have found
That Grandpa’s laugh still echoes in my life.

He was a caring man and he would take a stand.
He’d speak out for the underdog,
the poor and troubled folk.
He’d use his heart and brain to help soothe their pain
His laugh would start them laughing even if there was no joke.

His hair was long and white, his eyes were
strong and bright,
And when I saw him coming,
I’d go running to his arms,
He gave me all the love he could and
through this love he would,
Help me hear his laughter long after he was gone.

And I still hear that sound, spreading all around.


Now I wish for all of you that you find something,
Whatever that something may be.
That brings you love and joy and comfort,
The way that his laugh does for me.