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Lyrics - Walk A Mile

1. I Want to Get to Know You
2. Endurance
3. People Are A Rainbow
4. Family Feeling
5. Think For Yourself
6. The Bright Side
7. Walk a Mile
8. Here's To The Hero
9. That's The Truth
10. So Much To Share
11. I Want To Know
12. Joy, Joy, Joy


by Jan Nigro © 1987, 1989 Janimation Music BMI

We know an old lady, she tells great stories,
She’s seen things you’ve only read about in books.
She gets such joy, from filling us up
With her love and with the great food she cooks.

And after we’ve eaten, we sit by the fire,
She hums a song that’s from a far-off land.
I notice a photo of her as a child,
Imagine all that’s happened since then!

Older people have so much to share,
Look in their hearts for the treasure waits there.
The key to unlock it is show them you care...
Older people have so much to share,
So much to share, they have so much to share.

The old man next door, he lives all alone,
He’s traveled through life many a mile.
It feels so good, when we visit him,
To see his face light up with a smile.


The hands of the young, the hands of the old,
Reaching out for hands to hold.
Love is a feeling between two hearts,
Age can’t keep us apart.


So much to share, they have so much to share.