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Lyrics - Walk A Mile

1. I Want to Get to Know You
2. Endurance
3. People Are A Rainbow
4. Family Feeling
5. Think For Yourself
6. The Bright Side
7. Walk a Mile
8. Here's To The Hero
9. That's The Truth
10. So Much To Share
11. I Want To Know
12. Joy, Joy, Joy


by Jan Nigro © 1987 Janimation Music BMI

Family feeling is a special thing,
Everybody knows...
Imagine all the joy that it can bring,
As the feeling grows!

Just think!-You’ve got a whole world of brothers!
Just think!-A whole world of sisters too!
From in your heart, this love will start,
Let it spread the whole world through!

You say that you have enough brothers and sisters
Sharing your room, but be smart!
Don’t worry that there’s no room to spare,
There’s always room in your heart!


Now when you have this feeling for everyone,
You will start to see,
That anywhere you travel throughout the world,
You’ll find family!

What a great feeling all over the world,
And we could make it come true!
It would be so easy for each boy and girl,
‘Cause all you’d have to do... is

CHORUS (twice)