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Lyrics - Walk A Mile

1. I Want to Get to Know You
2. Endurance
3. People Are A Rainbow
4. Family Feeling
5. Think For Yourself
6. The Bright Side
7. Walk a Mile
8. Here's To The Hero
9. That's The Truth
10. So Much To Share
11. I Want To Know
12. Joy, Joy, Joy


by Jan Nigro © 1987 Janimation Music BMI

Do you have a hero, someone you look up to?
Someone who’s bigger than life.
Do they have a heart that’s gentle and tender?
And a will of steel when they must do what is right!

So here’s to the heroes who do what they must!
Here’s to the hero who stands for what’s just!
Sharing the burden when someone is hurtin’,
Here’s to the hero in all of us!

Every-day people sometimes are heroes,
Though they don’t get a big prize.
They’ll move on the double when
someone’s in trouble,
Their own comfort they would sacrifice!


You have been heroic, though you didn’t know it,
It happened every time...
That you offered help, with no thought of yourself...
A hero’s heart is a heart that it is kind,
A hero’s heart is a heart that it is kind!

CHORUS (twice)