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Lyrics - Sing for Dr. King
- Vitamin L Songs for a Beloved Community

1. Walk a Mile
2. Martin's Heart
3. That is a Mighty Power
4. Look a Little Deeper
5. Step Up! Speak Out!​
6. The Way You Say It​
7. Some Rights in This World
8. Martin is Calling​
9. People Are a Rainbow
10. Freedom Riders Got to Ride
11. Talking 'Bout a Put-Down
12. Tear Down the Walls
13. A World United
14. This Little Light of Mine


by Jan Nigro © 1994 Janimation Music BMI

Everyday all of us have to speak,
And we can make it a beautiful thing.
You can sound like a crow, but hey
don’t you know,
People would rather hear a nightingale sing.

You can say it soft, you can say it sweet,
And they’re gonna love your voice.
Or you can say it rude with an attitude,
And they’re gonna run from the noise.

You can say it kind and you just might find
That you’re welcome most any place.
Or you can say it mean, make a real bad scene,
Doors will close right in your face!
We’ve got to use some style and grace!

It makes a world of difference each day,
The way you say the things you say.
It makes a world of difference each day,
The way that you say it, uh-huh, oh yeah!
The way that you say it, uh-huh, oh yeah!

You can say it weak, almost barely speak,
Say it halfway and in between.
Or say it with control with a lot of soul,
And they’ll know just what you mean.

It’ll charm their ear every time they hear,
A voice like a melody.
But if you screech and scream then
it’s gonna seem,
Like your words are all off key.
Well, the truth’s so easy to see.


If you say “Get out da way! Gimme dis! Gimme dat!”
You’re gonna sound like a pushy cat.
Personally I think you and me
Can do a lot better than that.

CHORUS (twice)