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Lyrics - Sing for Dr. King
- Vitamin L Songs for a Beloved Community

1. Walk a Mile
2. Martin's Heart
3. That is a Mighty Power
4. Look a Little Deeper
5. Step Up! Speak Out!​
6. The Way You Say It​
7. Some Rights in This World
8. Martin is Calling​
9. People Are a Rainbow
10. Freedom Riders Got to Ride
11. Talking 'Bout a Put-Down
12. Tear Down the Walls
13. A World United
14. This Little Light of Mine


by Jan Nigro © 1987 Janimation Music BMI

I love the blue color of the sky,
It brings me happiness.
But if everything I saw were blue,
I’d enjoy that color less.

And there’s the red color of the rose,
Such beauty it can claim.
But if this whole wide world were red,
The rose wouldn’t seem the same.

And what could be more lovely than a rainbow?
Life is a rainbow, so beautiful to see!
People are a rainbow, that’s how it’s meant to be!
Life that’s not a rainbow, that would be a shame.
I’m so glad that we’re not all the same!

Throughout the world, people everywhere,
With different shades of skin,
Like different colored wrapping paper,
To wrap the hearts within.
Throughout the world, there are ways of life,
So wonderful to see.
The whole beauty of creation...
Is its great variety.