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Lyrics - Sing for Dr. King
- Vitamin L Songs for a Beloved Community

1. Walk a Mile
2. Martin's Heart
3. That is a Mighty Power
4. Look a Little Deeper
5. Step Up! Speak Out!​
6. The Way You Say It​
7. Some Rights in This World
8. Martin is Calling​
9. People Are a Rainbow
10. Freedom Riders Got to Ride
11. Talking 'Bout a Put-Down
12. Tear Down the Walls
13. A World United
14. This Little Light of Mine


by Jan Nigro © 2011 Janimation Music BMI

The law it had been laid down for equality,
But some southern states did not agree.
Races must be separate on the bus they did say,
And at stations all along the way.

The Freedom Riders came, challenging these wrongs,
Bonded by a will that was so strong.
The year was ‘61 when the first bus left D.C.
Riding to demand equality.

Angry mobs were waiting, hearts filled with hate,
Hands filled with weapons but the riders did not hesitate!

Freedom Riders got to ride,
Only the brave can step inside.
They paid their fare with courage and sacrifice.
Freedom Riders got on the bus,
Changin’ the world for all of us.
It was a rough ride, but a righteous story,
When they rode that bus to glory!

Down in Alabama, met by vicious foes,
Black and white together took the blows.
Down in Mississippi they were thrown in jail,
But their will stayed strong, they would not fail!

More Freedom Rides began, more buses came on through,
The government watched and the world did, too.
Dr King spoke out, other leaders did as well,
As outrage in the world began to swell.

Finally the government stepped in to end this segregation,
And the Freedom Riders’ actions forever changed this nation!

CHORUS, then:
When they rode that bus, when they rode that bus, when they rode that bus, to glory!
We want to thank you! We won’t forget you… You were ready to die for justice!
We want to honor all of the riders… Your courage was amazing!
You’re an inspiration for every generation... You’ve got a place in history!
We want to thank you… We won't forget you ... When they rode that bus to Glory!