Letters and Comments - Thomas Lickona, Professor of Education

To Whom It May Concern:

In the cause of promoting essential values, the Vitamin L tapes produced by Ithaca's Lovable Creature Music are one of the best resources I know for parents, educators, and young people themselves. The tapes make use of ancient wisdom: Music speaks to the soul. And these tapes engage and uplift the human soul with a combination of wonderfully fresh lyrics and toe-tapping tunes. We listen to these tapes in our family, and they never fail to lift our mood. And I take them wherever I go to do workshops on values education, in which there is currently a groundswell of interest. Recently, in Rochester, New York, I played two songs from the "Walk a Mile" tape for a group of teachers. One teacher subsequently ordered the tape and played it for her sixth-graders, a class that had been plagued by put-downs and generally negative relationships. She later reported that her kids asked every day if they could play the tape and that this group showed a remarkable turn-around in their behavior toward each other. I wish every family and classroom in America had these tapes.

Thomas Lickona, Ph. D.
Professor, Education