Teacher's Guide for Vitamin L Recordings - Hill Top Elementary

Hilltop Elementary in Lynnwood, Washington was chosen as a national school of character by Character Education Partnership in 1999.

Linda Babin, Hilltop's counselor and school psychologist shared the following ways that Hilltop uses Vitamin L songs to go with monthly themes:


Starting the Year/Getting acquainted:
I Want to Get to Know You (2:57) (Walk a Mile)
I Made a New Friend? (2:44) (Swingin in the Key of L)

September: Perseverance/Hard Work:
Endurance (3:09) (Walk a Mile) - things go better when you do your best
It Was a Mistake (3:44) (Every Moment) - take responsibility for your mistakes and turn them into an opportunity to learn

October: Cooperation/Sportsmanship:
Everyone Can Be a Winner (2:40) (Swingin in the Key of L) - great song!
Teamwork (3:03) (Everyone's Invited)

November: Service/Citizenship:
With These Hands (4:24) (Swingin in the Key of L)
That is a Mighty Power (4:33) (Everyone's Invited) - when you do the right thing by helping another then you have a mighty power

December: Kindness/caring:
Walk a Mile (2:55) (Walk a Mile)
Here's to the Hero (2:51) (Walk a Mile) - a hero's heart is a heart that is kind
I Want to Say Thanks (4:28) (Everyone's Invited) - on gratitude; being grateful helps us be kind

January: Tolerance:
People are a Rainbow (3:07) (Walk a Mile) - I'm so glad that we're not all the same
Tear Down the Walls (3:26) (Swingin in the Key of L) - care for all people

February: Fairness/Justice:
Maybe We Can Do the Same (3:45) (Every Moment) - If somebody lives in harmony with nature everyday, with respect and love for all they see, maybe we can do the same.

March: Courage:
Express Yourself (3:30) (Swingin in the Key of L) - it often takes courage to do this

April: Honesty:
That's the Truth (2:24) (Walk a Mile) - It feels good to be honest

May: Self-Discipline
Every Moment (3:04) (Every Moment) - look for opportunities to do the right thing in every moment - it takes self-discipline to do the right thing!
Think for Yourself (3:08) (Walk a Mile) - it takes self-discipline to think for ourselves